#Serengeti Balloon Safaris reveals operation bases for coming season

(Posted 27th January 2022)

Here’s a quick refresher on when and where they are operating their exciting Balloon Safaris for 2022 and beyond.

Central Serengeti – Year Round

The waters of the Seronera River, along which the flight path most often lies, feeds the Central Serengeti and its resident wildlife. The year-round water and grazing means a dependable game experience, where crocodile and great pods of hippo bask in the shallows and fish eagles glide between the acacia trees on the banks. Lion are regular visitors here as is the odd leopard, draped soporifically over a gnarly bough. The migration of wildebeest and zebra moves through here in search of fresh grazing between March and June, dispersing and re-grouping as they wend their way gently north. They return in November & December on their way to breed in the south. Whether viewing the action from just above the treetops or from 500 feet above, the feeling of being in a balloon is one of unbounded freedom.

Western Serengeti – 15th May to 31st October

A unique ecosystem defined by an ancient pocket of Central African forest and the Grumeti River makes for an extraordinary balloon flight. On a clear day, it is possible to spot a ship on the inland sea of Lake Victoria 20miles (30km) away while floating several hundred feet above the Serengeti. On the ground below reside unusual birds, colobus monkeys, some of the largest crocodiles you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting, and a good concentration of giraffe, elephant, topi and lion to mention but a few. It is a quieter area of the Serengeti with very much its own particular flavour. During May to July, the wildebeest migration must cross the river, weaving between the giant crocs and trying to avoid the predators on the banks. It makes for exciting viewing.

North Serengeti – 1st June to 15th January

Between June/July and November, a million and a half wildebeest and zebras arrive to feed on the rain-fed grass of the northern plains around the Mara River near the border between Tanzania and Kenya. They cloud-chase back and forth, seeking the most succulent grazing, braving the crocodiles that lie in wait in the river and the lion, cheetah, leopard and hyena that prowl the wooded streambeds. Lone acacias and mesa-topped hills dot the waving grassy plains of this quintessentially African landscape. It’s a beautiful area to soar above with plenty to see and photograph. Untethered by roads, it’s possible to escape some of the more popular areas and enjoy the peace of the endless skies, making ballooning one of the most rewarding activities on safari in the Serengeti.

South Serengeti/Ndutu – 15th December to 31st March 

This area of southern Serengeti is where the gently rolling short-grass plains meet the vast sky at the far horizon. Humbling spaces, ever shifting arrangements of light, cloud and wildlife on an epic scale make this ideal ballooning country. A million wildebeest amass to feed on grass made rich by the volcanic ash that settles here on warm coastal winds, and remain to bear their young. From above, the patterns of the herds as they spread and regroup can be mesmerizing and you can see for miles – from the Ngorongoro Highlands and Gol Mountains right across the endless plains of the greater Serengeti. Predators too are always present here, and a cohort of herbivores and birds, great and small, all playing their own roles in this vital ecosystem.

Grumeti Reserve – Year Round

Sergengeti Balloon Safaris have been the trusted partner of Singita, providing flights from their properties in Grumeti Reserve for more than 10 years now. The service is booked directly though them but rest assured, it is a Serengeti Balloon Safaris crew, equipment and the usual high standards that will be operating.

And don’t forget, the company can usually be flexible and switch confirmed bookings from one location to another if a client ininerary changes. Or they can fly out of season in any of these locations if you book a private charter with them!

Make sure you give all your guests the chance to choose a Serengeti Balloon Safari with them in Kogatende, Kirawira, Seronera or Ndutu to put the icing on their safari-cake.

If you would like to book, please email Glory or call her on +255 786 688 860 or +255 754 688 80

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