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You’ll support this vital work —
The Mara River, lifeblood of the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem, is under multiple threats from irrigation, pollution, and dams. We’re monitoring this and will support legal action if needed. Photo: Xavier Surinyach
New road construction is taking place right now around the Serengeti and could threaten the migration. We’re watching this and are ready toagain bring legal action if necessary.
We’re working in communities around the Serengeti through our partner organization in Tanzania and need to extend our reach.

Communities around the Serengeti are key to its survival. We’re deeply engaged in conservation education, radio broadcasts, tree planting, community seminars, support of women’s groups, and building a new generation of leaders.

We’re partnering with tour companies and travelers through our own travel industry association to raise funds from membership dues and traveler philanthropy. Travelers have impacts. We need to encourage more tour companies and travelers to become part of the solution.

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