Seychelles adds more properties to its ‘Sustainable Tourism Label’ list


(Posted 27th July 2016)


Chalets d’Anse Forbans, alongside the Hilton Labriz Resort and Spa on Silhouette Island, have earlier this week been inducted into the roll of Seychelles’ Sustainable Tourism Label during a ceremony presided over by Tourism and Culture Minister Alain St. Ange.

Present at the ceremony were also the Principal Secretary for Tourism Ms. Anne Lafortune, cluster director of business development for the Hilton Seychelles Hotels Ms. Smital Shah-Boultwood and Mrs. Brigitte Haworth from the Anse Forbans Chalets.

Minister St.Ange congratulated the two establishments for receiving the SSTL certificate. He said the label will have more and more importance as we move forward.

The minister added that people need to be more conscious of the environment and its immense importance for the future. Minister St.Ange firmly believes that with these two establishments being certified with the label, this will make room for others in the tourism industry to follow such practices.

In an attempt to support all the tourism label recipients, Minister St.Ange confirmed that a section of the ministry’s website will be dedicated to all SSTL recipients. Furthermore during trade fairs and other similar events, certified establishments will be promoted.

What a success it would be if all actors in the tourism industry received this sustainable label, but for this to happen everyone must first believe that it is our duty, each and even player in the island’s tourism industry, it is our duty and responsibility to be good custodians of what Seychelles has been blessed with‘ Minister St.Ange said as he congratulated the new holders of Seychelles’ most coveted green label.

Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Label

On her part Mrs Haworth supported the statement made by Minister St.Ange while taking the opportunity to share some of the initiatives being undertaken by the Anse Forbans Chalets.

This includes partnering with the Seychelles Marine Conservation Society to maintain and clean trails as well as wetlands among others. Mrs Haworth added that they are embarking on a major restoration project at the area behind the chalets.

The beach of Chalet d’Anse Forbans, one of Mahe’s oldest and best reputed self catering establishments, is also a breeding ground for Hawksbill sea turtles. The owners have over years now taken a series of protective measures to ensure that the nests are protected and most of the hatchlings reach the ocean