Seychelles at the tip of your finger for iPhone and iPad users


Tourists intending to visit the Creole Island Paradise of the Seychelles, for real or through a virtual visit will now be able to download a dedicated Seychelles application to their iPhone or iPad, also available for Android smart phones. Seychelles Connect has recently launched their novel way of making access to information about the Seychelles easier for those already on the islands, those intending to travel there soon and also those who simply wish to dream about a holiday of a lifetime.
Described as the best Seychelles application available the download, needless to mention, is free and gives instant access to a range of resorts, from the very top of the pops to simple but adequate Seychellois owned Bed and Breakfast establishments, self catering villas and guest houses, catering for all budgets. Deals have a special section where often phantastic last minute offers are shown besides a news section where up to date information and news from the archipelago can be accessed. Places to see, places to eat out, weather information, what to do while on Mahe, Praslin, La Digue or any or the other islands including details of the annual calendar of major events, all is now at the tip of the fingers for users of smart phones. Need to know something about doing business in the Seychelles, that too is covered and all this can be reached via
Mobile accessibility while on the islands can be via roaming service check with your own telecoms operator prior to visiting the islands but it is recommended to purchase a SIM card on arrival from either Cable and Wireless Seychelles or from Airtel Seychelles, buy sufficient credit for a data package and hey presto, access to all this information is possible at very affordable tariffs indeed. Seychelles, truly Another World.

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  1. I tried the new application on my iPad and it’s really revolutionary. It’s a great thing to browse through the hotels and see, what they offer. Very nice!