Seychelles aviation breaking news – Air Seychelles gets new board of directors


(Picture courtesy of STB, showing the Minister for Transport, the Hon. Noel Morgan making the formal announcement, flanked by Bram Steller, CEO, Maurice Loustau-Lalanne, Chairman and the other members of the board of directors)

Following the breaking news announcement here about the appointment of Bram Steller as the national airlines new Chief Executive, has President Michel yesterday also announced a new board of directors for The Creole Spirit.
Mr. Maurice Loustau-Lalanne, for the past 6 months Executive Chairman of Air Seychelles, will retain the non-executive chairmanship of the board but otherwise return full time as Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
New on the board are Mr. Alain St. Ange, CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, who will as a result of his new appointment step down as a member of the board of director of the Seychelles Civil Aviation as will his colleague Mr. Damian Thesee. Other new board members are Ms. Veronique Laport, Mr. Ahmed Saeed, Mr. Jean Weeling and Mr. Gerard Lafortune. The appointment of Mr. St. Ange is thought to be significant as it closely links the national airline with the countrys tourism board, allowing a fuller coordination of activities and participation in the opening up of new markets for the archipelagos tourism industry.
This appointment, announced on behalf of President Michel by the Minister of Transport, the Hon. Joel Morgan, concluded the intermediate restructuring of Air Seychelles which started earlier this year with the departure of the former CEO and long serving Executive Chairman Capt. David Savy and was followed by the appointment of a number of Seychellois citizens to the position of departmental directorships and deputy directorships as part of the companys forward looking human resource development.
Only recently, also of course reported here as breaking news, did Air Seychelles expire a contract for the British Ministry of Defense to fly twice a week from Brize Norton to the Falklands Islands and re-integrated the B767-300 used for that contract into the regular fleet of HM.
It is understood from usually well informed sources that the airline will now focus on aggressively marketing the passenger services from their European destinations London, Paris, Milan and Rome while seeking to expand its reach into the new and emerging markets in the Far and South East, where Singapore is already being linked to Mahe once a week.
Exciting times for Air Seychelles ahead of the formal start of Bram Stellers contract on the 01st of October, who brings a wealth of experience with him to the Seychelles national airline and will undoubtedly help shape the future of HM as he did at Kenya Airways. Happy Landings to the new team and for readers the regular reminder You read it first here the most current and regularly breaking news from East Africas and the Indian Oceans aviation sector.