Seychelles aviation news update – Helicopter Seychelles brings Augusta 109 back


While all parties concerned are keeping their own counsel and are at this stage not going on record over the reasons for the failed merger between Helicopter Seychelles and Zil Air, the fact remains that the merger attempt, reported here when it went underway, had not taken roots and the owners and shareholders of both companies in the end thought the better of it and went their own ways again.

Helicopter Seychelles promptly brought back their flagship heli, an Augusta 109, able to carry up to 7 passengers with one pilot of 6 passengers where two pilots are demanded for. The night-vision enabled helicopter is the only civilian rotor craft presently available in the Seychelles for flying after dark. A second Augusta is according to company sources expected later in the year while two other smaller helicopters are already available for flying.

It is understood though that Helicopter Seychelles is still waiting for approval of their AOC application pending before the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority to be able to resume commercial operations, since the air operators certification normally lapses when operations cease for longer than 90 days or the certification has been returned, as was the case following the merger attempt with Zil Air.

Unlike Zil, which just imported a Partenavia fixed wing aircraft, Helicopter Seychelles is reportedly ‘sticking’ to rotor craft operations to serve the entire archipelago with scenic flights, sightseeing flights, transfers to such resorts and islands with a helipad and medical evacuations.

Happy Landings.