Seychelles breaking news – MAIA Luxury Resort and Spa commission helipad


One of the Seychelles foremost resorts, and there is no hiding, this correspondent’s favourite, has yesterday launched their own helipad which allows guest to ‘chopper in’ from the international airport, after they arrive by scheduled or charter flight or on their own jet, as reportedly many of the MAIA’s guests do.

The project was commissioned in the presence of Alain St. Ange, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourist Board, who flew in from Mahe International Airport on the Zil Air helicopter, warmly welcomed the new facility which now allows guests to do day trips to some of the other islands for picnics or beach barbeques, something the MAIA will be happy to arrange for them, complementing the sailing option with the Kir Royal which can also be chartered out of the MAIA Luxury Resort and Spa.

The resort’s Managing Director Frederich Vidal was at hand to welcome his ‘inaugural flight’ and proudly stated that with the opening of the helipad the resort had again anticipated the needs and wishes of their clientele, something the MAIA took pride in.

A press release received also confirmed that NO overflights would be permitted over the resort to protect the privacy of other guests and that both approach and departure path would lead around the peninsula on which the MAIA  is located.

Well done indeed, next visit I get there a lot faster!



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