Seychelles breaking news – New 16MW power plant commissioned


The close ties between the Seychelles and the Kingdom of Abu Dhabi / United Arab Emirates has once again born dividends when a new thermal power-plant was commissioned today in the presence of the kingdom’s Minister for Energy, members of his delegation and senior ministers from the government of the Seychelles, led by Vice President Danny Faure.

The 16 MW dual generating facility will allow the Seychelles to cater for the growing demand for power and while government has committed to make greater use of renewable energy sources like solar and wind energy in the future, for now thermal generation is a key to keep the country lit at night and businesses running during the day.

Only two weeks ago was it reported here that Abu Dhabi’s ruler had responded to the emergency request by President Michel for the provision of desalination equipment which will double the output to 5 million gallons of water, compared to the present output of only 2.5 million gallons, when installed. The Seychelles has been suffering from failing rains, as many African and Indian Ocean countries in recent years, and adding desalination capacity is the only way at present to supply enough of the precious liquid to households, businesses and in particular hotels and resorts, where tourists expect water to run when they open the taps.

The Kingdom of Abu Dhabi and the Seychelles maintain very friendly ties and the ruler of Abu Dhabi has in fact constructed a major holiday residence for himself and his family on the main island of Mahe, where it sits on the site of the former US operated ‘listening outpost’ which however was vacated some time ago and then offered by the Seychelles government to Abu Dhabi.

The United Arab Emirates have also supported the Seychelles’ fight against ocean terrorism by providing 5 ocean going coast guard vessels and constructing not only a new navy base but also installing a surveillance and monitoring system for the Seychelles which covers all the occupied and even most of the unoccupied islands of the archipelago.

Good news all round for tourists who are streaming in ever greater numbers to the islands, now that there is enough water, electricity and the almost everlasting sunshine basking the powdery white sandy beaches the Seychelles are known for all over the world.

The Seychelles, truly ‘Another World’.



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