Seychelles conservation news – President Michel asks for ‘sustainability’ from fellow world leaders


Ahead of the June 2012 Rio de Janeiro UN Conference on Sustainable Development has the Seychelles President James Michel asked the rest of the world to embrace sustainability in their economic activities, so as to preserve the planet for future generations.

A two day meeting at the Le Meridien Barbarons brought together delegates from the Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean and South China Seas regions – in short AIMS – discussing a common position ahead of the Rio Conference and the Seychelles, as often before, is leading the way in proposing forward looking measures to protect the world’s remaining resources. The issue of in particular small island developing countries, depending on the protection of the oceans for their very survival, has been put to the forefront of the meeting by the Seychelles, which has been a leading voice in the struggle against overfishing and ocean pollution for many years now.

The Seychelles, presently with over 48 percent of its landmass under special protection, is increasing this percentage to nearly 51 percent soon with the creation of new added protected areas across the various islands, making it the undisputed leader in conservation across the entire family of nations.

Worth a visit any time says this correspondent – ‘Seychelles, Another World’ in the truest sense. 

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