Seychelles’ Festival Kreol attracts wide sponsorship from private sector


The archipelago’s private sector has reportedly responded positively to requests for greater sponsorship of one of the islands main cultural events, the annual ‘Festival Kreol’.

Reports are coming out of Victoria that major corporate entities have ‘adopted’ individual events and activities and contributed in cash and kind towards making this year’s festival the best ever.

The Minister for Tourism and Culture, Alain St. Ange, when receiving the donations on behalf of government and the organizing committee of the festival, said: ‘Culture cannot and will not exist without tourism and tourism will never be consolidated without our islands really taking time to showcase our culture. The linkage between culture and tourism offers significant opportunities for Seychelles to unlock the potential of our culture and of our tourism industry. I would like to thank each and every one of you sincerely because it is you that make the ‘Festival Kreol’ possible, and it is you who are helping make Seychelles more visible around the world. We are proud to be able to showcase our culture for the world, and as we give an international dimension to the event we are making Seychelles more visible as a tourism destination with a difference. I would also like to personally thanked Mrs. Giovanna Rousseau for knocking on the doors of the sponsors’.

The Seychelles Tourism Board has over the past few years actively developed a calendar of key events, spread across the year, aimed to showcase the archipelago’s unique Creole culture, music and performing arts to tourist visitors. September is every year dedicated to celebrate World Tourism Day with a black tie Tourism Ball, this year celebrated at the Constance Ephelia Resort at Port Launay. In October, between the 25th to the 31st the annual Festival Kreol is celebrated across the islands, arguably the most important of its kind across the Creole islands of the Indian Ocean. November is then dedicated to highlight the spectacular underwater scenery around the islands with SUBIOS, attracting divers from around the world as well as photographers and film producers, catching the best sights of marine life and then competing for the top spots in the competition to determine the year’s best photographs and films.

Other highlights across the year include the annual Carnival International de Victoria in February, the Seychelles Regatta in May and the Feast of Assumption of Mary on the island of La Digue in August.

With more flights to Mahe than ever before, and both world class resorts as well as Seychellois owned guest houses, apartments and self catering chalets ready to receive visitors from around the world, the dream of a holiday of a lifetime is now possible for both high spenders as well as those on a budget.

Time to come and see the Creole island paradise of the Seychelles celebrate their unique culture, art and cuisine this year as after all Seychellesis truly Another World.