Seychelles former Minister Alain St.Ange confirms his Arabian Travel Market (ATM) participation


(Posted 19th April 2024)


Arabian Travel Market | Dubai


Speaking to the Dubai press yesterday, Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles former
Minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine and founding President
of the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands Organization and of the African Tourism Board,
confirmed that he will be at the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) in Dubai during
the first week of May. He is set to hold various tourism planning
meetings as well as visit an exhibition stand, he actively helped conceive for an
important tourism destination specially for this ATM tourism trade fair. He will
also be holding formal talks with Dr Jens Thraenhart of Thailand on finalising
plans ‘for a new service for Tourism Ministers and CEOs of Destination
Marketing Organizations to have unbiased trusted advice in navigating the
challenges of running tourism as an important economic sector for a

From Dubai, St.Ange will be heading to London in the UK, where he is set to be the
Chief Guest at a ‘Global Achievers Summit’ at the University of Oxford.

He is currently a Tourism Consultant heading the “Saint Ange
Consultancy” which was also responsible for the widely distributed
weekly “Saint Ange Tourism Report” until end 2020.

Alain St.Ange is also the Vice President of the World Travel Network (WTN),
appointed as African-Asian Union (AFASU) Vice Chairman for Tourism Division
and Vice Chairman of AFASU Golden Awards Committee, a Board Member of
the Sayari Dunia Sustainable Tourism Foundation of Nigeria, appointed an
Advisor at the Confederation of Schools, Colleges and Universities (COSCU),
Deputy Secretary-General of FORSEAA (Forum of Small Medium Economic

AFRICA ASEAN) in Jakarta, the Vice President International Relations for TMN
(Travel Marketing Network) in New York, Co-Chair of the SUNx (Strong
Universal Network) Organisation in London, Vice President & Founding
Member of ICTP (International Coalition of Tourism Partners), named eTN
Ambassador and is the Chairman Board of Trustees of the Arab Tourism News
Portal – Al-Masala.

Today I can confirm that I have a heavy schedule for the coming weeks with a
June “Africa Travel And Investment” (ATIS) Summit, the platform that brings
together the best of Africa and the world to explore and create opportunities
for growth and collaboration that is set to be held at the Empire Plaza
Convention Centre in New York in the USA in collaboration with African Union
Commission, the African Development Bank, African Tourism Organisations
among others which will be followed by a high powered “Financing Investment
and Trade in Africa” (FITA) Summit in Tunisia. I will then be the Special Guest of
Honour at a July gathering of hospitality and tourism scholars in Africa, driving
business solutions for African business development Summit in Lagos Nigeria
on “Catalysing Growth: Empowering Business Solutions Through Hospitality
And Tourism Education in Africa” Alain St.Ange said to ATCNews.

Tourism, that has been the life of Alain St.Ange, remains the people’s industry
he works at with passion and with his heart. He worked in hotels in Seychelles,
the Channel Islands and in Australia. He is a known and respected tourism
personality and is often called on to address tourism or air transport on the
international circuit because of his in-depth knowledge of the subject matter
and his ability to speak ‘off the cuff or from the heart‘; as he prefers saying.

St.Ange has just completed a 8-Series lecture tour on a luxury floating
residence which saw him disembark in Seychelles after virtually 30 days
cruising the coast of Southern & Eastern Africa.

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  1. Well done Alain St. Ange, keep up the great work that you do, you have my support

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