Seychelles gear up for fully booked period by strengthening police service

Pre-Christmas promotions for Seychelles police service

The Ministe for Home Affairs and Transport Joel Morgan last Friday presided over a promotion ceremony at the Seychelles Police Training Academy, during which more than 90 police officers were promoted to higher ranks as a result of dedicated service and successful operational performance.

Earlier in the year a batch of new recruits was passed out too, overall strengthening the force’s ability to carry out wider controls, both uniformed and plain clothes, to support the archipelago’s tourism industry in their work to provide safe beaches for visiting tourists.

A regular source close to the industry body Seychelles Hospitality and Tourism Association, the main private sector counterpart for government, hailed the recruitment of new officers during the year and the promotions now made formal as a step in the right direction. ‘The tourism industry has in a number of interactions with government, the tourism and home affairs ministry, pointed to a number of areas where surveillance and patrolling must be increased. There are spots were the regular presence of police officers is a deterrent against incidents of petty theft of items left on a beach when swimming. In other spots patrols will make sure that our tourists will be safe to walk from their hotels to restaurants near by or go for long strolls along the beaches. Security is crucial for us to maintain an otherwise very good record we have in Seychelles. We pride ourselves not just in our beaches and crystal clear waters, marine and terrestrial parks and reserves, and our festivals but also that our visitors stay is otherwise problem free. The industry is in regular talks with government and with our tourism minister we have a champion for our sector in government. Still, we need more work done here, and more officers and more patrols will help us all accomplish our common objective‘ did the source say.

The Seychelles are also set, any day from now, to celebrate a new visitor record for the islands to be celebrated at the airport and to make the vacation for that one person, and spouse, something to remember for a lifetime.
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