Seychelles hospitality news – STA opens Spa, offers relevant courses to students

The Seychelles Tourism Academy at La Misere opened their new Spa facility in the presence of Principal Flavien Joubert and Seychelles Tourism Boards Deputy CEO Elsia Grandcourt.
All the leading resorts across the archipelago presently operate Spas and wellness centres and students at the STA can now acquire appropriate skills, allowing them to eventually be deployed in such facilities and meet the job requirements. Many of the Spas presently employ expatriate expert staff offering their clientele exactly the standards they are accustomed to but the new course components now taught at the STA will gradually see more Seychellois citizens to make their way into such positions.
The new facility was created with joint funding from government and private sector contributions, but also through fundraising events organized regularly by the Seychelles Tourism Academy, which has in recent years established itself as a leading hospitality training institution in Africa. Partnership and cooperation agreements with Irish hospitality school counterparts have led to a sharp improvement in course quality and the range of courses offered. Graduates, many of whom have taken advantage of doing part of their courses in Ireland, have been absorbed by not only resorts and hotels in the Seychelles but also found work abroad as expatriates where they can gain valuable experience before returning home and very likely start their own businesses under the various entrepreneurial schemes available from government. Congrats to STA for their innovative spirit.

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  1. I am a professional in the rooms division department with 20 years of experience in operations/training with an MBA in hospitality & Tourism looking an opportunity to join the academy. i will be glad to have a positive feedback.