Seychelles mourns Brendan Grimshaw, Conservationist Par Excellence’


The news that Brendan Grimshaw passed away a few days ago at the age of 87, sent the Seychelles conservation fraternity into mourning, as Brendan had become a beacon of hope for them all with the work he had carried out over the decades on his beloved Moyenne Island.
Now part of Seychelles Ste. Anne Marine National Park Brendan bought the island in the 1960s before independence for a mere 8.000 UK Pounds and moved to the island in 1973, setting out to accomplish the Herculean task of transforming and island which had not been lived on for over half a century into the jewel is has since become. Assisted by Rene Lafortune over the ensuing decades, Rene himself passed in 2007, they planted over 16.000 indigenous trees including a small mahogany forest and set up nearly 5 kilometres of nature trails. Moyennes now is home to nearly two thirds of all of the archipelagos plant life, home to over 100 giant tortoises and a myriad of birds, many brought to the island by Brendan and Rene from other islands to ensure the survival of endangered species. His mettle was shown when a few years ago he was offered 50 million US Dollars to sell his island but opted to see it integrated into the protective custody of the Seychelles marine and national parks, which made him globally famous and subject to many documentaries, the last one by Simon Reeves just weeks before his passing. Brendan will be laid to rest on his beloved island which will continue to be a testimonial to his determination and will to preserve this pristine environment for future generations, a fairy tale of conservation and the mystique of hidden treasures. Only in the Seychelles. Rest in peace Brendon and keep watching over the piece of paradise you helped create on this planet.

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  1. I was so sad to read Brendan had passed away. He left a legacy to the Seychelles people, his beautiful stunning island.. RIP Brendan.. I’m sure your soul is still living on.. On the island..

  2. How very sad? So, what is going to happen to his beloved island and family of tortoises that he has worked so very hard to protect? :}

      1. I think the island is going to be left to the Sechelle’s as a nature reserve. Whilst the tortoises will be protected too.. 🙂

  3. I have known Brendon since he bought the Island and in those days he was a very handsome man, and he was so excited when he discovered what he thought were the Pirates Graves think it was two and he always called Reni his Man Friday . God Bless you Brendon I shall miss you

    1. Brendon sounded like a fun kind of guy with a lot of passion! And as W said he lived a long and full life. Do know if the island is protected as a nature reserve?

  4. I met Brendon about 5 years ago – i did not think to read his obituary yet, he seemed so full of life and so happy with his life. He told the story of his father still walking the island into his nineties _ I thought Brendon would so the same.

    Rest in piece