#Seychelles’ new tourism bill heading to national assembly


(Posted 26th September 2018)

The Seychelles’ cabinet has reportedly approved the new draft tourism bill which will in the near future be presented in the national assembly.
Some of the key changes will be a new hotel rating system which, when the bill has been passed and signed into law, will apply for all accommodation types across the sprawling 115 islands archipelago.
The main difference will be based on the size of an accommodation facility, with those of 15 rooms or less – a segment reserved for local Seychellois investors – receiving a Gold, Silver and Bronze rating under the ‘Seychelles Secrets‘ brand while all other accommodation facilities of 15 rooms and above will be rated in the conventional one to five star way.

The ratings will after the new law comes into effect, be administered by the Department of Tourism and no longer by the Seychelles Tourism Board, which functions have been streamlined towards marketing the island nation while regulatory and supervisory elements will under the new regime all be moved to the line ministry.
Officials have told ATC News that they expect the new bill to be discussed in parliament and passed before the end of the year and that the new rating system will be rolled out from early 2019 onwards – with a lifespan of two years before a renewal audit will take place.

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