Seychelles news update – Abu Dhabi gifts three desalination units to Seychelles


The current drought condition across the archipelago has caused water supplies to dwindle in recent weeks and before the emerging crisis got worse did the Ruler of Abu Dhabi and President of the United Arab Emirates Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al-Nahyan dispatch three complete water desalination plants to the Seychelles upon a request by President Michel.

The three units were already received and are being installed as this report is filed, very likely sparing the Seychellois population the need to queue for water and see the precious liquid rationed.

The gift is said to be worth several million Euros and includes the setting up cost, maintenance and staff training over an 18 months period but also support for an overhaul and upgrade of existing desalination plants already in use across the island.

During a recent visit to the archipelago by this correspondent had resorts already informed guests of the need to conserve water, a measure many tourists this correspondent spoke with accepted without argument, knowing how important fresh water is on the remote islands of the Seychelles which depend entirely on sufficient rainfall during the wet season and subsequent storage.

Added information from reliable sources within the tourism industry in the Seychelles gave assurance that hotels and resorts were employing added measures to conserve water through recycling where possible to minimize any impact on their guests.


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  1. I read this article with interest, because I live on Mahe and am experiencing the lack of water supply.
    I wish to clarify that water in Seychelles has been ” rationed” for over a year…due to the drought.
    We look forward to the installation of the desalination plants to aleviate the problem.

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