Seychelles news update – ‘Affordable Seychelles’ campaign to stay


The Seychelles Tourist Board remains fully committed to go on with its ‘Affordable Seychelles’ campaign, launched first when the world slid into the global economic and financial crisis and the tourism sector across the archipelago looked into the abyss.

Since then of course the new private public partnership at the tourist board and the reorganization and change of guard paid off very handsomely for the islands’ tourism sector, and news are chasing each other of yet more internationally acclaimed companies eying resorts for management and building new world class properties to cater for the growing stream of tourists.

Yet, while admittedly known around the world as a very exclusive destination for the rich and famous, the Seychelles has also developed a product for those travelling on a budget, as more and more Bed and Breakfast houses and self catering establishments, owned and managed by Seychellois citizens, are ‘hitting the market’. Government’s proactive policy of spreading ownership into the hands of the locals has put a ceiling on guest houses permitted to be owned by foreigners, who can only enter this segment if constructing above a minimum number of rooms, currently set at 20. This leaves aspiring Seychellois to dominate the market for guest houses and Bed and Breakfast’s which can offer lower rates inspite of their often scenic and at times beach side settings, for visitors counting their pennies and yet wanting to fulfill a dream of a lifetime to come to the Seychelles.

Airfares too have assisted in marketing ‘Affordable Seychelles’ in particular as Emirates is now eyeing double daily flights from later this year while Qatar Airways has announced they will go daily. The added capacity will undoubtedly be taken up not just by those who have generous holiday budgets but also by many many more who will enjoy the Creole hospitality ‘hands on’ in smaller, privately managed and very personal guest houses and B&B’s.

Hence, the Seychelles remain a destination for the very rich, the very famous, including those flying in with their own jets or arrive in their own yachts, to the budget travelers, made even more attractive by the fact that NO Visa are required to enter the country and only proof of funds to pay for a stay, a confirmed hotel reservation and a return ticket have to be shown on arrival at the Mahe International Airport to gain entry to ‘paradise on earth’.

Welcome to the Seychelles – GO TRAVEL.