Seychelles news update – Archipelago wins joint claim to extended sea bed


The United Nations’ Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea has now formally recognized the claims jointly made by Seychelles and Mauritius over the ‘ownership’ of the seabed along the ‘Mascarene Plateau’, adding a total area of almost 400.000 square kilometres to the control exercised by the two countries beyond their present economic exclusion zones.

The two Indian Ocean island countries, in an unprecedented application, jointly applied to the UN and this was according to a source in Mahe one of the main reasons, besides the strong foundation of the claim itself and its superb presentation, that the UN so swiftly accepted the claim.

The two countries are presently in the final stages to present a comprehensive document for adoption, outlining joint management procedures, oversight and other measures to put a bilateral legal foundation to the ‘deal’ and require any third country, or companies from third countries, to first get explicit consent to any activities of exploration, mapping or exploitation from the governments of Seychelles and Mauritius before entering the area.

Both countries are to be congratulated for their ground breaking cooperation and the success they so richly deserved and can now enjoy.