Seychelles news update – Constitutional Court overturns parliamentary dissolution vote


The dissolution of parliament last week was quashed by the Seychelles constitutional court in an emergency hearing, granting a petition to restore parliament to life by the opposition, after it was found that the format of notice required to decide on such a matter was not legally met.

This will put a halt to the preparations for elections within 90 days, as otherwise would have been the case, although it is expected that the motion will be re-introduced under the required format and notice for another vote.

One member of the opposition SNP had crossed the floor on two occasions that day, first to vote in favour of a constitutional amendment to create an electoral commission and then again to dissolve parliament. It is not presently clear if the same individuals will eventually vote again as the SNP apparently also then dismissed that particular Member of Parliament attempting to replace her with someone voting along party lines.

Watch this space.