Seychelles news update – Fibre optic project finance secured


The Government of Seychelles, in partnership with Cables and Wireless and Airtel, have now finalized the financing arrangements to commence work on the fibre optic cable link, which will connect the archipelago with Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, where it will tap into at least one of three major cable systems presently running along the Eastern seaboard and ‘landing’ on the East African coast line in Tanzania and Kenya.

Cables and Wireless in fact, the only ‘landline’ operator on the Seychelles, are presently starting their own terrestrial upgrades of exchanges and wiring, to seamlessly offer improved voice and data transmission via landlines when the fibre optic links are reaching by late 2012.

Once ‘connected’ the speed of internet down- and uploads will tremendously improve and while the current satellite links will remain as a backup, the service will then also be cheaper, supporting the government’s aim to link the country, and in particular educational institutions and businesses to the wider world.

C&W, the ‘original’ telecom’s company on the Seychelles, operates both land lines as well as mobile services, including internet hotspots while Airtel is entirely ‘mobile based’ in their operations, which span across much of the African continent.

Watch this space. 


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  1. now i feel good to hearing it… that internet seep will be improved by the use of Fiber Optic Cables and also i will be…i m waiting for that day…thanks for sharing this information…

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