Seychelles news update – Government recommends ‘Mission Lodge’ to UNESCO for recognition


The Seychelles Department for Culture has recently submitted details of potentially new World Heritage Sites to UNESCO, in a bid to add the coveted status to yet more extraordinary places across the archipelago. Already are the Vallee de Mai on the island of Praslin and the Aldabra Atoll recognized by UNESCO and the added exposure have made the Vallee de Mai the most visited natural attraction in the Seychelles, with visitors coming from the other islands where they stay just to see the ‘coco de mere’ trees, the tropical forest and the rare birds, some of which are only found there.

Mission Lodge, incidentally visited by this correspondent during his last visit to Mahe, is of great historical and cultural significance to the islanders, as it was the first school available to liberated slaves when the islands were still under colonial rule.

A special exhibition was held last weekend at the site to draw public attention to the government’s desire to see Mission Lodge globally recognized, coinciding with the World Heritage Week observed in most countries.