Seychelles news update – New currency notes due out this week


This week will see the formal launch in Victoria by the Central Bank of Seychelles of new banknotes in the denomination of 50, 100 and 500 Rupees.

The new notes will incorporate the very latest state of the art security features which can be partly seen with the ‘naked eye’ while other ‘hidden features’ only ‘come to light’ under special lighting conditions used by commonly deployed currency validators emitting ultra-violet or ‘black’ light.

Present bank notes in use will remain in circulation until such time that the full exchange exercise has been completed across the archipelago, something which is estimated to take months, but thereafter will the old notes then be gradually withdrawn from circulation when their life span has expired and they are in any case due for collection by the Central Bank and incineration.

The new notes are reportedly smarter in appearance and are also thought to be instantly ‘hunted after’ by visiting tourists who may wish to take a note each home with them to keep as a memento and proof to have been there ‘when it happened’.

Seychelles, truly ‘Another World’.