Seychelles news update – Parliament accepts court ruling, dissolves itself again


Following the ruling of the Constitutional Court, that they vote for the dissolution of parliament was not valid as the prescribed notice was not given in accordance within the law and the regulations governing such a vote, the Speaker of the Seychelles parliaments promptly accepted the ruling and instead of appealing it to the Supreme Court immediately notified assembly members of the situation, called for another vote with the notice duly following the requirements this time, and parliament then once again voted to dissolve itself, paving the way for a general election within 90 days.

The Speaker also affirmed his position, that the ‘sacking’ of an opposition member, who voted with the ruling party, was under court review and as such ‘pending and not final’ allowing the Hon. Jane Carpin to again give Party Lepep the decisive vote.

Opposition leaders, reeling from the development, vowed to take the matter again to court but this time round have little chance to success, according to politically astute sources from Victoria, and are expected to face the wrath of their voters in the upcoming polls, when they will be asked why the present, and outgoing SNP party leadership abdicated their duties by being absent from parliament and playing shenanigans over the announcement of the presidential election outcome, which was broadly validated by observers from SADC, the Commonwealth and incidentally witnesses by this correspondent while on assignment in the Seychelles.

Tourism sources meanwhile dismissed any suggestions that these events of recent days would have any impact on the tourism industry or the present record arrivals, as only a few days ago the 100.000 visitor was greeted by the STB top brass comprising the CEO and Deputy CEO at the Mahe International Airport. ‘Our politics have mellowed down a lot and unlike in the past, we Seychellois have come to see that the President means business, means what he said in his election campaign that he will work for all, including those who voted against him. We are now an open society with lots of economic opportunities for our citizens and the opposition has failed to appreciate that. In fact we are happy that the opposition leader will step down and make way for new blood and a new vision, which can then start to help build a prosperous Seychelles nation’ said a regular commentator from Mahe.

For now it is ‘watch this space’ as to the announcement of the election campaign period and the elections days to be gazetted very soon.