Seychelles news update – Private sector stakeholders convened for SHTA extraordinary meeting

Stakeholders in the Seychelles tourism industry held an extraordinary meeting of the Seychelles Hospitality and Tourism Association last weekend, aimed to discuss the industrys challenges for the new year.
A range of issues were according to information received from Victoria, the Seychelles capital city, discussed amongst members, notably matters of security, safety issues in regard of beach control and speed limits for boats, besides aspects of marketing the country in 2012 and beyond.
Said a regular source from Mahe: These meetings are very important. STB and government need to get first hand information from us stakeholders at frequent intervals to be aware of shortcomings, problem areas like have been mentioned on Friday. The presence in such meetings of government officials like Mr. Faure (Chairman of the Seychelles Tourism Board and Secretary of State in the Presidents Office) is crucial to convey messages to our government. They need to know and now they do know. Funding for STB is an issue, escalating cost of doing business is an issue, jet ski operations close to beaches is an issue, keeping anti shark nets up and intact is an issue, public security for visitors is an issue, rogue operators trying to overcharge tourists is an issue, Air Seychelles future is an issue. SHTA is open for all stakeholders and everyone should take the opportunity to come for meeting and tell their own issues. We must also meet stakeholders on Praslin and La Digue, where they just had a 24 hour power outage. Such problems need discussing on site with SHTA members, they have to see that the association works for them nonstop, not by confrontation but by partnering with government and STB.
Then asked if there were any major disagreements on strategy or individual leadership at both public or private sector the source added: We agree on strategy to market Seychelles because we developed it together, we review it together. There are no disagreements at all because everyones input is heard and made use of. About personality issues? SHTA has regular elections, that is not an issue at all, tourism is under the countrys President as his own portfolio and STB is a partnership where the private sector has a big say. We are happy with the way our country is showing itself abroad and record numbers of visitors are proof we are doing the right thing. 2012 is maybe a difficult year but we have learned from 2008 how things can be turned around, how we can react to challenges.
Well said this correspondent thought, wondering if diplomacy is part of the Seychelles tourism curriculum taught at the tourism academy of if the source quoted was looking ahead to future rounds of leadership elections?
Seychelles truly Another World.