Seychelles news update – Scandinavia gets closer to ‘Seychelles – Another World’


The start yesterday of nonstop flights between Dubai and Copenhagen by Emirates, Dubai’s award winning airline, has brought the Creole Island Paradise of Seychelles much closer to Scandinavian travelers. Copenhagen, easily accessible from across Denmark but also from Norway and Sweden, and not too far from Finland, will now every day connect Seychelles bound passengers with only one stop and an almost immediate onward flight from Dubai to Mahe, supporting the sales and marketing efforts by the Seychelles Tourists Board across the Nordic countries. Especially during the dark and cold winter months many Scandinavians are ‘escaping’ from the harsh climate and short daylight hours and the year round summer climate of the Seychelles is ideally suited to offer a superb get away, clean azure waters and shining white beaches combined with a wide range of resorts fitting anyone’s budget.

The new flights to Copenhagen were hailed across the Emirates network, including this correspondent’s home country of Uganda, as a welcome new destination to facilities exports to Scandinavia and receiving more visitors from there to boost tourism receipts. Watch this space.