Seychelles news update – Seychelles’ first wind power plant getting ready to produce electricity

Information was received from Victoria overnight that an Abu Dhabi / UAE based clean energy company will commission the archipelagos first wind turbine power plant, thought to go on line as early as before the end of December. Initiated as part of a wide ranging cooperation agreement between the governments of the Seychelles and the United Arab Emirates, the new power plant will provide clean renewable energy for the main island of Mahe and is likely to commence operations with an initial feed of up to 18 MW into the national grid. Once on line the wind power plant will be expanded further to add reserves to the national electricity production and allow for a reduction in the generation of electricity by the relatively expensive diesel and heavy fuel oil propelled plants, which are heavy on emissions and costly to run. Seychelles has a few months ago launched a visionary plan involving the increased use of clean and sustainable energy, promoting solar and wind energy and the expected commissioning of the new plant not far from the port is seen as a first step into that direction.
Only recently was it reported here that an Abu Dhabi funded team was to develop a new master plan for the capital Victoria, with the introduction of a wide range of sustainable components. Watch this space.