Seychelles news update – STA hosts 24 Irish students for next quarter


As many as 24 students of hotel management courses at the Shannon College in Ireland have arrived in Mahe under an agreement to host student exchanges between the Seychelles Tourism Academy and the Shannon College of Hospitality Management. They will be deployed across several top class resorts where they can gain practical experience and on the job knowledge, for a period of three months, counting against their study requirements back in Ireland.

At the same time it was also learned that 15 Seychellois students will proceed to Ireland later this year where they will study for advanced diplomas in hotel management, a course STA has for years been teaching very successfully.

The Seychelles Tourism Academy has in recent years established itself as a leading hotel and tourism school in Africa and the building of a new campus, which recently began, is sure to propel the institute to yet greater heights, satisfying the demand for a skilled workforce by new resorts opening up across the archipelago as the tourism industry continues to boom.

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