Seychelles news update – The MAIA takes Conde Nast honours again


Information was received during the week that Conde Nast has once again put this unique luxury resort in their ‘hot list’ for 2011, after already last year honouring them in 2010 as ‘best hotel for food’.

Three renowned chefs are on call to create the most amazing and personalised menus for the MAIA’s clientele, specialised in Asian cuisine, ‘Fish and Seafood’ – of course fresh from the ocean – and also in Creole creations to pay homage to the spices and ingredients of the archipelago’s own line of dishes.

The chefs are available to serve the resort’s guests in their private villas or else arrange beach barbeques for them, besides the ‘regular’ setting at the main restaurant, indoors and outdoors.

Guests are often seen travelling to the main market with the chefs to see how meticulously the fresh ingredients are being selected by them every morning, probably salivating on the way back to the resort in expectation of another gourmet meal.

The food at the MAIA is of course complemented by a selection of nearly 300 wines and champagnes, all stored carefully in the ‘cellar’ to ensure the right temperature and attention for some of the world’s best vintages.

Look up The MAIA on TripAdvisor to see guest’s comments and reactions to their extraordinary hospitality and take advantage of a 25 percent rebate for certain times of the year, upon pre-booking and pre-payment or visit them directly via but best in person – says someone who knows!