Seychelles news – Windpower contract awarded, work to commence soon

It was learned that last week were firm contracts signed for the construction of initially up to 8 wind turbines on Mahe, which when operational will produce a further 6 MW of power. Under the Seychelles long term plan does the use of renewable energy sources rank high and in conjunction with Abu Dhabis Masdar renewable energy company was South Koreas Unison selected as contractor. Five turbines will be erected at the Ile de Romanville while the remaining three will be placed at Ile du Port. Construction is expected to commence soon after the company has mobilized resources and manufactured and shipped the units to the island.
The overall cost of approximately 28 million US Dollars comes as a grant from the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the warm relations between the two countries are again paying off, as was the case last year when two additional desalination plants were rushed to Mahe from Abu Dhabi as a gift by Abu Dhabis ruler to the people of the Seychelles, when drought has seriously affected the available water supply. Good to have friends like that who are willing to financially support development goals and help the Seychelles to attain her goal of having a 15 percent renewable energy base by 2030. Keeping Seychelles green watch this space.