Seychelles news – Work has started for new Seychelles Tourism Academy

Information from Mahe indicates that work has now began at the new campus of the Seychelles Tourism Academy, where when complete some 500 students will be able to undertake certificate, diploma and degree courses in hospitality and tourism studies.
Demolition of some of the existing buildings has been going on for a month now and construction is now commencing on the first tuition block with as many as 30 class rooms, which is phase one of the project to turn STA into a state of the art training facility. While construction is ongoing, and due to the demolishing of existing buildings, students are now having their classes in temporary wooden structures until the new building is ready.
Among the next phases it was learned will be an administration building, hostels to accommodate students from across Africa, a conference centre, a demonstration kitchen, a fully fledge Spa to train personnel intending to work there but also a 60 room application hotel, to be named Oceanic View.
The site, with a commanding view over Mahe island and the Indian Ocean, was originally occupied by a US military listening post and handed to STA when the Americans left the facilities to the Seychelles government and being a little remote at La Misere is today actually seen as an advantage, allowing students to concentrate on studies and not being distracted by a city location. Like in everything else, Seychelles, truly Another World.

One Response

  1. Congratulations to STA for this initiative! By definition hotelschool students are gregarious and need to mix and play with other people and understand their wishes, and it seems to do them a dis-service having them isolated at La Misere. Hotel schools benefit from being in areas of popultion. Having said that it is a very positive development that work has now began at the new campus of the Seychelles Tourism Academy what will enable STA to offer more places for a better education to the young people of the Seychelles.