#Seychelles now connected to the rest of the world with a second fibre optic cable


(Posted 10th January 2023)


A second fibre optic underwater cable now connects the Seychelles with both East Africa and Pakistan, through the PEACE system, short for Pakistan, East Africa connecting Europe. The cable then further connects Singapore, another key economic hub in the Far East.

The cable was formally commissioned by President Ramkawalan earlier this week although the system had gone live already by the end of last year.

The added cable provides back up in case of any downtime and brings added stability and very likely better pricing and larger bundles to the Seychelles business community and consumers.


ATCNews had back in 2011 reported about the first such link reaching the Seychelles from Tanzania under the SEAS system which allowed the country to move from expensive and slower satellite links to the faster fibre optic connections.

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