Seychelles population for the first time ever moves above 90.000


The Seychelles’ last population census figures released a few days ago confirmed that the overall population now stands at nearly 91.000, a figure small in global comparison where most towns are larger than the archipelago’s entire population.

Victoria, one of the world’s smallest capital cities, often appears to visitors from abroad like plucked from the past, though traffic jams too have made their way into the daily routine of the people living on the main island of Mahe, who have to commute to work over winding narrow roads.

With visitor arrivals last year well over 200.000, that also means than the archipelago now receives more than twice as many visitors compared to the entire population of the 115 islands. Tourism is now the mainstay of the Seychelles’ economy, ahead of fishing and trading, and as such gained in recent years added importance as the main provider of new jobs, investment and foreign exchange earnings.

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