#Seychelles to host 22 Km’s nature trail race


(Posted 02nd March 2023)


Seychelles Tourism will organize the inaugural nature trail race set to take place on the 13th of May this year. The event is aimed to attract participation from both visitors to the islands as well as from local athletes. Originally scheduled to be held in 2020 was the event at the time postponed due to the outbreak of the global COVID19 pandemic which brought travel to the Seychelles to an almost complete halt and had sports events across the islands stopped by government directives.

Registration can be done online via www.ilop.re at a cost of USD 37 for tourist visitors and USD 23 equivalent in Seychelles Rupees for Seychellois.

Meanwhile has Bulgaria Air last Sunday commenced the first charter flight from Sofia to Mahe, arriving with 180 passengers on board. It is understood that more such flights are planned. The flight routed from Sofia via Djibouti for a fuel stop before flying on to Mahe.

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