Seychelles Tourism Academy on course with campus expansion


The ongoing construction of state of the art facilities at the La Misere based Seychelles Tourism Academy is reportedly well on schedule, with nearly a third of the present phase 1 construction already completed. Due for completion in March next year, the remodeling and expansion of STA is set to catapult the academy into the top ranks of Africa’s tourism and hospitality institutions, more so as the successful linkage with Ireland’s Shannon College, where selected graduates from STA’s various courses can pursue their degree programme, which this year alone saw 30 Seychellois transfer to Shannon.

STA is a very important component in expanding our tourism industry. In the past there were always issues with resort operators about the skills levels of our people and therefore they brought in expatriates. Now we are progressively training young Seychellois, but also have retrained civil servant personnel who took early retirement, to fit into the job openings new resorts create. Expanding STA is a top priority for as high as our president. The hospitality industry has a big say in how our courses are structured and what our students learn before they deploy for industrial attachment and training. Our colleagues in Africa have also recognized the strides we have made and many now quote us as an example how to promote vocational and other tertiary training for the tourism industry. The expansion at the La Misere campus is ongoing and not disrupting classes and programmes too much. In the final phase we will have a new application hotel of at least 30 rooms, at least two villas to train butlers and valets what is required of the. Because they have to meet the very high expectations of clients spending a fortune a day to stay in a five or four star private villa. There will be a Spa to train our young people in the latest trends of well being techniques and treatments. We will have a new kitchen facility to train cooks and young chefs, a restaurant where our students can practice under the supervision of their teachers and a new separate complex for graduate students to attain their bachelor degree. When phase one and two are complete, the STA will be the finest hotel and tourism academy in Africa and with a panoramic view across some of our beaches which reminds students why they study tourism’ said a regular source, asking for anonymity over not being an official spokesperson of her institution.

Tourism Minister Alain St. Ange earlier in the week also visited the academy to be briefed on progress of construction but also to keep in touch with the institution and on completion of his tour said: ‘We are proud to be working on a purpose built Hospitality and Tourism Centre for excellence for the region. Here we will train more Seychellois to eventually take up high level positions in the tourism industry of our country’.

When next visiting the Seychelles a tour of the academy will as usual be part of this correspondent’s programme too to ascertain progress in person and once again interact with students, teachers and staff to get a close up feel of the enthusiasm witnessed in the past. Seychelles, Another World.

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