Seychelles tourism breaking news – More than half of the Costa Allegra passengers opt to stay in Seychelles for a few days

It was learned overnight that when the disabled Costa Allegra will be towed into Victoria Harbour later today, more than half of the passengers will remain on the archipelago for a couple of days, courtesy of Costa Cruises, which has flown a team of staffers to Mahe for the arrival of their vessel. They will receive their passengers when they come off the Costa Allegra and assist them to overcome the traumatic experience they underwent since the engine room fire a few days ago. With no electricity available on board air condition units were off and the normal comforts one expects on a cruiseliner of this size gave way to heat, humidity, lack of fresh water and food and the uncertainty of reaching port safely.
371 cruise passengers will be enjoying a few days of rest and recreation on the Creole paradise islands of the Seychelles, staying in a number of top rated hotels on Mahe, Praslin, La Digue, Cerf and Silhouette islands while the remaining 251 guests will only transit and fly home immediately on flights booked for them out of Mahes international airport. Those who remain will have the opportunity to participate in the Carnaval de Carnivals in Victoria between Friday and Sunday this week, or else just enjoy sun, sand and the excellent cuisine the islands are famous for.
The CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, issued the following statement when asked about, what has been described as immediate and exemplary assistance by the Seychelles authorities when receiving the first distress call. Alain St. Ange said that security and safety of the passengers was a top priority for the authorities: This is why we worked hard to bring this unforeseen incident in our waters to a close as fast as was possible. The passengers on board are now set to be on firm ground on Thursday and the 371 guests staying on for a holiday in Seychelles will all be invited to join in the three days of festivities of the Carnival International de Victoria which be officially opened on Friday this week
Seychelles, truly Another World.