Seychelles tourism news – ‘New’ Seychelles Tourism Academy slowly takes shape

As reported here a few weeks ago, the Seychelles Tourism Academy is undergoing a dramatic transformation with the demolition of old buildings and the construction of new, purpose built facilities aimed to provide the best possible vocational and tertiary training for students of the hospitality and tourism courses now on offer. The next two years will see a progressive change of face for the academy, which has in recent years become a model college for other Indian Ocean islands and for countries on the African mainland, after the archipelagos government had recognized the crucial importance of training young Seychellois citizens who aspired in a career in the tourism industry but lacked skills and qualifications.
The STAs cooperation with foreign institutions, notably a highly respected college in Ireland, has added further to the standing of the school, giving graduates the opportunity to complete their bachelor degrees in their chosen field of studies.
The new STA will amongst other new features have a fully fledged Spa, where students can train, but also a purpose built chalet reflecting the need of the increasing number of local owners of such properties across the islands to have staff specifically trained to their own requirements and standards.
Also constructed will be a hotel which income is supposed to progressively reduce the subsidies presently given by government, and eventually make the institution self sufficient by offering study places at a cost of 19.000 Euros all inclusive for students from the African mainland or other island nations.
Congratulations to the STA team and those behind this development at the Seychelles Tourism Board and the private sector, who have worked hand in hand to accomplish this project.

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  1. Are you Wolfgang from Uganda? If so Hi there I look forward to meeting you at STA soon.