Seychelles tourism news – Praslin gets new ‘Heritage Route’

The Praslin Heritage Route, a trail covering some 25 sites and monuments, has been opened by the Seychelles Heritage Foundation earlier this week, offering locals and tourists like an insight into the history and culture of the Seychelles.
The archipelago, comprising some 115 islands, is best known as one of the worlds most desirable honeymoon and holiday destinations, with crystal clear waters, white powdery beaches and national parks like the Valle de Mai on Praslin, which has caught the attention and imagination of travelers and travel writers alike. Less known though is the countrys equally rich history and Creole culture, which manifests itself in the unique architectural styles of residences across the main settlements and townships.
The newly established Heritage Route is now clearly marked with sign posts and descriptive displays, in both English and French though surprisingly not in Creole have been erected to give visitors a detailed insight into the location and the significance of it for Seychelles history. Printed brochures are available and have according to a source from Mahe been distributed even to schools and educational institutions to raise awareness levels and promote the appreciation of the countrys culture and history. The trail, according to the same source, is likely to be expanded to include yet more locations and the idea is also expected to be transferred to the main island of Mahe, where equally a number of lesser known sites and monuments are available to those interested. From another source it was also confirmed that the relevant guide books and web based information will be updated with this latest addition to the Seychelles range of attractions so that more visitors can learn about the Praslin Heritage Route and take advantage of its existence when coming to the archipelago for a vacation.
The project was launched as part of the annual Creole Festival in the presence of President James Michel and has received the entire funding from the Raffles, a superb resort opened earlier this year as part of the Kingdom Hotel Group, giving back to the island, the community and the tourism industry at large. Well done to all concerned. Seychelles truly Another World.