Seychelles tourism news – Shark nets installed off Anse Lazio beach on Praslin

Information was received from Mahe over the weekend that the anti shark campaign continues to be high on the countrys agenda following two unprecedented shark attacks some weeks ago.
While fishermen and coast guard are still searching for sharks in the pristine waters off the Seychelles inner islands, in particular around Praslin where the attacks took place, and have in fact landed several of the beasts since the hunt opened, more protective measures have been instituted by government hand in hand with the affected tourism industry. Boat patrols continue to guard the beaches off Praslin to ensure that predator fish are spotted early and destroyed.
It was learned that an anti shark net has been installed off the famous Anse Lazio beach on Praslin and is now only awaiting inspection by the Seychelles Maritime Safety Administration before swimming can be official allowed again in certain sections of the beach. Other beaches too will then see the installation of similar nets, aimed at keeping the predators away from the shallower waters near the beach where tourists like to swim and snorkel. Praslin, alongside Mahe the archipelagos largest island and home to the capital Victoria and La Digue are the most popular tourist islands and of crucial importance to the countrys tourism industry.

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