Seychelles tourism news – STA sends 13 students to the Shannon College for their degree course

The long standing partnership between the Seychelles Tourism Academy and the Shannon College of Hotel Management has now allowed a further 13 Seychellois graduates from the home made Advances Diploma in Hotel Management to move to Ireland to complete a Bachelor Degree programme and push their skills and capabilities to the next level. The chosen participants have already excelled in previous courses and were selected along those lines to become the first generation of general managers of resorts and hotels on the archipelago after completing their formal studies and gaining more experience on the job. It is understood from a source on the islands that all of the students already have workplaces secured when they return with their degree, a sign of the close cooperation between the Seychelles Tourism Academy and the private sector.
STA is in a period of transition as a multi million US Dollar development programme is seeking to catapult the archipelagos sole public tourism and hospitality training institution truly into the new century, with state of the art facilities, a revised curriculum and new courses all aimed to provide students with the best there is to start a career for life. New for STA will then also be a dual system of training where students are remaining in the workplace to earn a living and gain experience while at the same time studying for the theoretical knowledge. Well done and congratulations to the students, and through Principal Flavien Joubert to the entire academys staff, truly an occasion to be proud of!

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