Shareholder dispute puts plans for #Kigali hotel rebranding in doubt


(Posted 16th October 2017)

A report filed last week about Hilton’s (supposed) agreement with the Ubumwe Grande Hotel in Kigali now appears to be on shaky ground, after one of the shareholders in the hotel, CG Corp Global which appears based in Nepal and owns the Zinc brand of hotels, has denounced the ‘deal‘ as without foundation over a lack of consultations by other shareholders with them.
Information coming out of Kigali now suggests that the deal may be off as CG Corp may seek court ordering an injunction to halt the rebranding, which according to information from other sources would cost the owners a fair sum of money to tick all boxes of Hilton’s must have list before the new brand logo would go up over the front door.
The shareholder dispute – the other two having apparently teamed up against CG Corp – could substantially delay Hilton’s entry into the Rwandan market if not outright derail it and a source in Kigali informed that apparently an arbitration process was initiated by CG Corp which had intended to add their Zinc Hotels brand to the new hotel, the reason why they invested with a 40 percent share in the first place.
Time will tell how this saga will pan out so keep watching this space.