Skal Congress 2015 ‘on the beach’ – to be or not to be …


(Posted 23rd April 2015)

The 76th Skal International Congress, due to be held along the Diani coastline south of Mombasa from the 18th to the 23rd of October, appears to be hanging by a mere thread now, according to information obtained just before leaving Kenya for the Seychelles.

Skal International Past President Tony Clegg Butt only minutes ago put out a Facebook message which reads as follows:

On my way to Amsterdam to try and save the Skal World Congress scheduled for October this year. 1,000+ pax. Armed to the teeth with re-assurance and determination. Wish me luck, this is a stacked deck’ to which Jake Grieves Cook, former Chairman of the Kenya Tourism Federation and of the Kenya Tourism Board was swift to add: ‘Good luck – this is an important mission! Tourist arrivals are at an all time low and having this Congress in Kenya will send a positive message, especially after the Obama visit’.

With President Obama due in Kenya for a visit in July this year and no indication of a change of plans, in itself a sign of solidarity and confidence by his handlers and Secret Service team, some of whom are already in place it is understood, would a decision by Skal International to move the congress, something Kenya and East Africa have been waiting for decades to bring to our shores, be a white flag of surrender to fear. It would be a surrender to those who have, on a local and on a global scene, vowed to destroy our way of life, take our freedom and liberties and behead us should we dare to stand up against them and making the mistake of facing them singing Kumbaya instead of coming for them with overwhelming force, shock and awe.

Be sure that this emerging and breaking story will be followed up and the outcome published here so that readers can share their own sentiments via the feedback column and through the social media. My message to the Skal powers that be is that you do not kick a man in the head when he is on his knees but extend a hand to help him up. The consequences to pull the congress would be stark, for both Kenya and for Skal, so watch this space for updates as and when available.

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