South Sudan news – Contract for planning of new capital in Ramciel given to China

The newly independent Republic of South Sudan soon after Independence Day announced that the central government would shift to Ramciel, a location presently in the middle of nowhere and just over 100 kilometres north of Juba, the present location of GoSS but also state capital of Central Equatoria.
Pan China Construction was now reported from a source in Juba as having won the contract, beating the favoured South Koreans which had already done work for the government and were hopeful to capturing this valuable contract, likely also resulting in construction work after the planning process has been completed.
It is understood also that no contract has been signed yet while South Koreas Land and Housing Corporation already has a signed Memorandum of Understanding in place.
Notably has China been a staunch supporter of the regime in Khartoum from where it received much of their oil in exchange for alleged supplies of weapons and ammunition, in the face of UN sanctions, something however denied by both the regime in Khartoum and the government in Beijing. That said, it is understood from usually well informed sources that the Chinese are in the process of establishing a naval base along the north Sudans Red Sea coast, leaving one to wonder if geopolitical strategic considerations have played any part in the reported decision to let a Chinese firm plan the new capital, plans of which, including secure installations, could easily be leaked to their friends in the North. Watch this space.