South Sudan news – Khartoum’s dirty tricks campaign exposed

The rise of commodity prices in South Sudan, while partly influenced by the economic situation around the world and more immediately in the wider region, has to an extent been worsened by reported economic strangulation by the regime in Khartoum, the Souths former slave masters.
They have been making the shipment of goods from the North to the South difficult claimed a regular source in Juba. We dont understand the rationale behind it. We here have always bought goods from Khartoum and it keeps people there in work when they produce and ship to us. If they continue like this we just have to buy more from Uganda and Kenya. And this is apart from the other issues we have with the North. By independence we were supposed to have all aspects of our separation covered. Oil fields, waters of the Nile, national debt of the then united Sudan, Abyei, South Kordofan, Blue Nile and so on. Khartoum is now waging a war again, they occupied Abyei and are trying to start ethnic cleansing again, the same in South Kordofan and Blue Nile. Our brothers and sisters are being bombed from the air, shelled from the ground, women are raped, homesteads and villages razed and people driven off their ancestral lands by force. It is the same tactics again like they used against us during the civil war, what they were doing in Darfur. How can we peacefully coexist with a belligerent neighbour with no respect for human rights and ready to commit more crimes against humanity. If they do not reform we will use the UN where we are now a member, we will use the EAC we intend to join, we shall use Nile Basin Commission we intend to join, we shall use IGAD we intend to join to show our friends in the region what exactly Bashirs regime is doing and have them disciplined like it happened to other errant members in IGAD. We will also protect our border region better and we have to really control access from the North. These sentiments were echoed in other exchanges with sources in the South Sudan who accused Khartoum of economic sabotage and military aggression against those left behind in the North who want to join us in freedom.
Meanwhile has South Sudans president Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit given his first address to the UN General Assembly in New York last week, again highlighting cooperation and peaceful coexistence with the North as a goal of his government while also reminding the world of the many outstanding issues to conclude the separation agreements as well as the plight of the people inside the North still yearning for freedom and kept in continued slavery by the regime. Watch this space.

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