South Sudan news – New country phone prefix activated faster than planned

The anticipated migration to an own International Dialing Code, away from Khartoums +249 prefix, has been brought forward from December as a result of continuous eavesdropping by the regime of ICC fugitive Bashir. A source in Juba confirmed that our own prefix +211 is now active and we no longer need to use the Khartoum gateway which has become a big security risk for us. The regime there had from all we know increased surveillance and we had to put an end to it and very quickly. There are still other areas where we need complete separation and we are working on that with all speed.
Relations between the new Republic of South Sudan and their former slave masters as the same source put it, have been strained from the day of Independence on 09th July, as Khartoum immediately pursued and aggressive policy of land grab in the disputed territories of South Kordofan, Blue Nile and Abyei, the latter of which was illegally occupied by troops from the regime to grab the oil resources, while displacing hundreds of thousands of Africans through a terror campaign of looting, burning and orchestrated rape in an act of major ethnic cleansing rarely seen since the Yugoslavia conflict in the early 90s.
The subsequent insecurity, Khartoum is also alleged to fuel proxy conflicts inside South Sudan, has dampened expectations that adventure tourism to the magnificent national parks in the new country, especially to Boma National Park which was given global exposure by National Geographic TV in their series Great Migrations could take off in a larger way any time soon. This denies South Sudan vitally important opportunities to earn foreign exchange, attract investments and create jobs, all courtesy of the Khartoum regimes hostile and aggressive attitude. For those with connections in South Sudan, change your phone records and insert +211 as country prefix with immediate effect.