South Sudan news update – South Kordofan election results ‘rigged’


In the best tradition of the regime in Khartoum was the ICC indicted Ahmad Haroun declared winner of the gubernatorial elections in South Kordofan. He, as his ‘boss’ regime leader Bashir, are alleged to have committed crimes against humanity and war crimes, and this spells certain doom for the African population in South Kordofan, an area traditionally belonging to the Southern tribes but ‘stuffed’ with voters from the North to subvert and compromise fair and free elections.

The SPLM team had already several days ago withdrawn from the election supervisory body when evidence of massive rigging and electoral fraud emerged and the body was standing by idle, set to endorse the stolen election.

The Electoral Commission in Khartoum yesterday announced Haroun as winner by a mere 6.500 votes, setting the stage for the regime to unleash renewed terror on the African population, which by the hardline Islamic regime has been treated as inferiors, second class citizens and often well near like slaves in the worst tradition of Arabic penetration of the African continent.

Haroun’s reputation precedes him and the African population in South Kordofan, which was not included as part of the South during the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement, is now expecting another round of repression, psycho terror and real terror, as the regime attempts to hold on to a part of the country which deeply resents the imposition of Sharia Law and being denied their democratic right to determine their own destiny alongside their Southern brethren.

Meanwhile has the African Union commission for the Sudan called upon both sides to refrain from the use of force in Abyei, another potential hotspot and equally part of the South, although Khartoum has already vowed not to let go under any circumstances of this oil rich state, come what may.

Questions are now arising after the blatant fraud in South Kordofan, if indeed Khartoum is preparing the stage for renewed armed conflict to which a regular source in Juba had this to say: ‘it is clear the election was stolen from us. We know the majority of people in South Kordofan are with us in the South. This is beyond doubt. Khartoum is probably seeking a reason to renew their war against us Africans but we will not take the bait. If Khartoum brings in troops or uses their proxy militias, we now have allies in East Africa. They will use diplomatic channels and pressures on Khartoum but if the regime drags us back to war, we will also not stand alone this time. We promote peaceful discussions and resolutions but if attacked will defend ourselves. It will expose Khartoum for what they really are and put pressure on the world to assist us like those seeking freedom in Libya.’

Often have doubts been expressed to this correspondent by readers about the peaceful intent of the Southern Government in Juba, but this will once again underline the fact that with Independence won for the 10 states in the South, some other areas too will want to have their say over where they want to belong, to their free brothers and sisters in the South or to be imprisoned, enslaved and terrorized by the regime in Khartoum. Fair question, predictable outcome – they too want to be free.

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  1. This time the useless man call Al-bashir of north sudan he wil not be in power anymore againt . The reasion why say that this is they four rebals groups they re more advance in term of weapons compared 2 some years back.
    2) they spla/m re fighting while tears are flow this show that they are over reacted towards al-bashir regimes which was been in power for over period of 22 years.

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