STB Chairman launches new hotel investment tender


As the archipelago is gearing up towards yet another major tourism festival, SUBIOS, aka The Festival of the Sea, has the Seychelles Investments Bureau launched the Ile Soleil project where a major new hotel, located within close distance to the international airport is at the centre of developing this artificial island.

Of the more than 120.000 square meters of available land some 30.000 square metres or 3 hectares have been set aside for an ocean facing new resort hotel, while the rest of the artificial, reclaimed island is set aside for housing as well as businesses.

The project tender was according to information received from Victoria launched by the Chairman of the Seychelles Tourism Board Mr. Barry Faure, signaling the close interest of the tourism industry on the islands in the project. Open to both local and international bidders it was reportedly stressed that a partnership or investment consortium which includes Seychellois investors, was the preferred way forward though exclusive foreign investments too would be welcome.

SIB’s Chief Executive Sherin Renaud and her staff will be available to answer questions as to the scope and time frame of the Ile Soleil development and enquiries should be directed to info

More particulars about the project can also be accessed via where also a range of other investment opportunities in the Seychelles can be found.

Tourism is the archipelago’s main economic activity, besides fishing, and tourism arrivals have since 2009 grown in leaps and bounds as a result of STB’s marketing juggernaut. The new approach by STB to bring the global travel media on board has catapulted the islands into the global spotlight and showcased the Seychelles as a place for the rich and famous but also for budget minded travelers, for whom a growing number of locally owned villas, holiday apartments, self catering chalets and bed and breakfast establishments offer splendid holidays too. Arrivals, forecast this year to exceed 200.000 for the first time ever, are on course to establish a new record, setting the stage for more hotel developments in line with the country’s tourism development master plan. Watch this space for regular and breaking news from the Seychelles and other Indian Ocean islands.