Strike it is at Kenya Airways but full impact yet to be seen

(Posted 05th November 2022)



As reported yesterday did KALPA, the Kenya Airlines Pilots Association, call a strike at Kenya Airways, due to commence this morning at 06.00 hrs.

Kalpa had issued a statement yesterday following a meeting with Kenya Airways management, which itself – as posted last night – had published their own version of events:



The Kenya Airways CEO this morning reacted to the situation which affected some 9.000 passengers on a wide number of flights but also urgent cargo shipments:


We know that a large number of pilots do not support this unlawful strike” said the CEO however, with none showing up for work this statement was immediately disputed by KALPA where an official was quoted to have said: ‘No KQ (Kenya Airways) aircraft has departed Jomo Kenyatta International Airport flown by a KALPA member from 6 a.m. this morning. The strike is fully in force.’

See the interview by clicking on the link below:


A situation report from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport speaks of hundreds of transit passengers stranded inside the terminal, many of who arrived with other airlines overnight and were due to connect to a Kenya Airways flight into the region and the African continent at large.

Similar reports came in from Moi International Airport in Mombasa and other airports served by Kenya Airways such as Kisumu with passengers now scrambling to get seats on other airlines also serving these airports.

Hotels in Nairobi are presently full with stranded passengers having to be accommodated by the airline, posing added challenges to the Kenya Airways ground staff.

The strike deals a serious blow to the anticipated recovery of Kenya Airways, after passenger numbers began to rise again after the pandemic with daily cost cited by the airline of some 300 million Kenya Shillings a day.


With the planned nationalization off the table has the airline been struggling and relying on government bailouts and the latest suggestions are to break up the airline and vest certain business aspects in seperate new arms.

Eyes are now also on the government how it will react to the pilots going on strike, ignoring a court injunction when a hearing was set for 08th November.


ATCNews will continue to monitor the situation and file updates as and when available.