Sun Africa’s Nyali Beach continues beach cleanups


(Posted 16th September 2018)


World Clean Up Day, held every year on the 15th of September, gained greater prominence around the globe this year to a good part over the campaign to cut down on plastic waste which has been polluting rivers, lakes and oceans by the millions of tons.
In Europe the Rhine River was in focus bringing out tens of thousands of people from the river’s source all the way downstream to Holland, Lake Konstanz included through which the river flows. In many places did local councils and NGO’s provide gloves and bags, which were then collected and properly dispensed of by collection and processing companies working hand in hand with the organizers.
In Britain too were tens of thousands of people cleaning up beaches and also the countryside during the largest such exercise ever held in the UK.
In East Africa, across the region with the exception of Rwanda – where a plastic ban is strictly enforced as is littering punished – do plastic water bottles, bottle tops and shrink wraps litter the countryside, including some of the national parks and the beaches of the region, as well as those of the Indian Ocean islands, show more and more plastic debris landed.

Beach resorts and hotels now regularly clean up their own beaches, and at times even beyond on both sides, not only waiting for such key dates to come calling. At the main beach north of Mombasa, Nyali, were the teams of the Sun Africa Nyali Beach Hotel & Spa, the Sun Africa Resort and Sun Africa’s latest venture, the Buddha Tree Backpackers Mtwapa, once again out in force to collect waste, swept on shore from the ocean and dropped by careless people strolling the beaches.

Said Harrison Njoroge, Regional Manager Coast for Sun Africa Hotels and General Manager of the Nyali: ‘Our hotel and the entire staff remain committed to keep our beach clean so this is now an ongoing exercise and more and more other hotels are now also doing that, not just raking up seaweed but actively collecting litter from the beaches to give our tourists a better impression‘.

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