Taita Hills Safari Resort and Spa reopens after major refurbishments

(Posted 29th July 2022)

The owners of Taita Hills Safari Resort and Spa have announced the reopening of one of Kenya’s most unique safari lodges and are ready to welcome guests back in the heart of Tsavo after a 2 months closure. During this period was a major refurbishment project completed and a greatly enhanced guest environment awaits visitors.

What has changed?

The renovation of the resort involved a new plumbing system, soft furnishings in the guest rooms and new modern guest bathrooms with state of the art equipment. Also completed was the interior makeover across the entire property with a bespoke new look for each room to create a relaxing space and environment for the guests.

Guests can dip in the swimming pool overlooking the sanctuary , relax in comfort in this private oasis, enjoy a massage at the spa or sip a cocktail at the bar, listening to the sounds of the many species of bird which call the Taita Hills game sanctuary their home.

The lawn which is overlooking the Vuria Hills is the best place for an outdoor event. Meals can be enjoyed in the dining room. In addition does the resort have museum which documents and narrates the World War I history – as German and allied troops faced off in 1914 and 1915 in this part of Kenya bordering the then German Tanganyika.

Taita Hills Safari Resort & Spa is located at the main entrance to the Taita Hills Sanctuary in South Eastern Kenya, 400 km from Nairobi and 200 km from Mombasa. An hour flight from Nairobi or 30 min from Mombasa by private charter lands at the hotel’s own airstrip.

The sanctuary is a 3-hour drive from Mombasa and a 6-hour drive from Nairobi on tarmac roads but connections are available by railway too from both Nairobi and Mombasa – with the resort able to pick up guests at the Voi Railway Station.

The team has come up with a pre-opening 10% discount for all our guests visiting us in the month of August. Take advantage and book here