TANAPA gives notice for park fee increases effective July


Tanzania National Parks have announced a range of new increased tariffs which are due to come into effect in July this year for the period up to June 2015. The new tariffs cover not only park entrance fees for foreign nonresident visitors, resident visitors, East Africans and Tanzanians but a range of other services like professional filming fees and aircraft landing charges among many others. Notably have tariffs for Tanzanian citizens gone up sixfold, not exactly a recipe to encourage more domestic tourism to the national parks which in neighbouring countries has become a major income stream for the lodges and safari camps, encouraged by favourable fee structures for citizen visitors.

TANAPA, as do KWS, UWA and RDB periodically reviews entrance fees, tariffs for services and concession fees or royalties to cater for risen cost due to inflation or else help in paying for infrastructure improvements like airstrips, roads, bridges, signage and visitor centres.

Visit www.tanzaniaparks.com for more information about the national parks, game reserves and marine parks under the management of the Tanzania National Park Authority.

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